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Academic Curriculum

The school follows the national pattern of education as envisaged by the central Board of Secondary Education Delhi and has been affiliated to the CBSE. The languages taught in school are English, Hindi & Sanskrit. The other subjects in the curriculum are Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Social Science, General Science and Computer Science. Computer is a compulsory subjects in classes II to IX and the children are encouraged to make the best use of information technology in the Computer Lab. The school implements CBSE sponsored Continuous comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system which provides opportunities to the children for their total growth and helps them to enfold their latent potentials. Most of the text books prescribes for the school are published by the NCERT/CBSE. However according to needs, certain books of private agencies conforming the CBSE syllabus are also prescribes. English is the medium of teaching and learning. English is also used as a compulsory means of communication in the institution.

Physical and Health Education

With a view to carry out the national Programme on health education, the school has a composite play field in near about 4 acres of land catering to the needs of various team games like kho-kho, football, basket ball, volley ball, hockey, cricket, handball etc. Adequate facilities are made available to the children to acquire skills in athletics and physical training. Participation in games & sports is obligatory unless the student is exempted on health ground. Facilities are also provided to the children unless the Yoga and other indoor games like Badminton, Table Tennis, Caroms, Chess etc. Inter House matches in all Kindergarten play pen with Jhulas, Sliding boards and sandpit is a conspicuous allure for our tiny tots. The school is going to run a methodical mental Health Programme thought a counseling cell on life skills and adolescent health.

Rules & Regulations

1. A pupil must have 75% attendance to be eligible for promotion. In case of continuous absence for more than a week at a time, a valid medical certificate from competent doctors must be produced along with a leave application from parents/guardians.

2. Continued absence for 15 consecutive days without pre-intimation to school will result in the child name being struck off from the roll without information to the parents.

3. Jewellery and costly ornaments are not to be worn/brought by the students. The school takes no responsibility for the safety of such articles. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones, camera etc. inside the school campus. The small children should

4. Students will not be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours. However under emergents circumstances, permission may be granted by the Director/Principal only.

5. The school diary and note books must be checked by the parents every day and action should be taken thereof.

6. No pupil will be permitted to appear at the Annual Examination unless all the dues are cleared by him/ her. Parents/Students will be held responsible for non- compliance of this instruction.

7. Parents Teachers Meeting will be hold after every test/examination on the date & timing given in the school calendar. Parents are requested and advised to attend such meetings. The answer papers & the report cards kept in the individual folders of the stu

8. Parents/guardians are advised to meet the teachers and if required Headmistress, Principal & Director also on meeting days and discuss about the achievements of their children. The exchange of suggestions will be a welcome move in the larger interest of t

9. Students are to play for any damage to school property whether intentional or accidental.

10. Parents are requested to be vigilant about personal cleanliness and hygiene of their children at home and before they proceed to school every day.

11. Parents are expected to maintain close liaison with the school to ascertain regularity, punctuality, conduct and academic progress of their wards & meet the concerned officials for suitable action.

12. For any queries, Director/Principal/Headmistress may be consulted forthwith.

Promotion Through Evaluation

In order to ensure stress free promotion, the school follows the newly introduced continuous comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system upto class X. the achievements of a child in scholastic & co-scholastic areas are reflected in meaningful grades fully endorsed with defined indicators. The school incorporates the latest system of evaluation conforming the guidelines issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi from time to time. It is also ensured that evaluation of a child is made in social and personal attributes also.

School Term & Vacation

The academic session of the school commences on 1st April and ends on 31st March of the following year. The holidays & vacation are observes according to the CBSE /Central Govt. rules. It is religiously ensured that the teaching periods are held without any deviation from the CBSE norms during the session.

Parents Visits & Telephone Calls

The school does not encourage frequent visit during the teaching hours. However under emergent situation, the meeting is permissible with the prior approval of the Director/Principal in the school visitors room only. Any other person except the parents is not permitted to meet the students without a written request of the parents and approval of the competent school authorities. The children are not allowed to entertain telephone call. However the message is passed on to the concerned student and if required the telephone facility is made available to him/her for action.

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